Application Process

Please read carefully what to prepare before you upload your application to the BioMedical Design Fellowship Programme. 


You are required to upload all of the following materials:

  • Your resume or Curriculum Vitae (PDF format) including diploma and permission of leave. See details below.
  • Your application essay (PDF format). See details below.
  • Your video application essay. See details below.

    All application material needs to be in English.

CV –  Diploma – Permission of leave
Your educational history, including institutions names and locations, majors, degrees, and years attended (list your latest experience first). Your CV should be no more than 2 pages. Please merge the CV with a copy of your highest ranking diploma and a permission of leave in case you are employed. There are several free services online to merge PDF files. Just search for “PDF merge”.

Application essay
We request a short, written essay in order to learn more about the person behind the application (minimum font size 11, maximum 1,000 words). We encourage you to share with us your passions, values, and vision for your future when answering the following question:

  • With what skills and experiences can you contribute to the interdisciplinarity of the BioMedical Design programme?
  • What do you think about a need driven approach to innovation?
  • What impact do you expect the BioMedical Design program to have on your career path?

Video Essay
Please answer the following two questions in a video recording that is no more than 2 minutes long:

  • Describe a decision you made that was a failure. What happened and why?
  • How do you network and make new contacts?

Upload the video on YouTube or Vimeo and provide the URL at the bottom of you written essay. If you use a video service such as YouTube to host the clip, we suggest choosing the “unlisted” option so that only those who have the link can access your recording. Please test the link to ensure the video can be viewed with the URL before submitting it.

Done with your preparations?

Go to Apply now and enter your personal details and upload the files. The deadline is 15th of March 2023. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when your application has been received.

Done! – What then?

  • Your application is read by the BioMedical Design staff.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an assessment process online. The process will be run for invited applicants in groups of 10. Shortlisted candidates will be notified about the dates for the online process by mail and it will take place by the end of April/beginning of May.
  • Selected candidates for fellowships will be notified by mail mid May.
  • The programme starts early September.

All applicants will receive a personal e-mail if they have been accepted to the programme or not.