With this Insights section we provide you with the latest update on the progression of the BioMedical Design Fellowship Programme. Insights are written by BioMedical Design Fellows on a weekly basis and from time to time by the BioMedical Design staff when we feel we have some important messages to convey to our audience.

How to pick up electronic skills

With the introduction to electronic prototypes Nanna Nordman Amby has gained knowledge about what is possible and can be a part of developing solutions that might have electronic parts in it.

There is no ‘I’ in teamwork

My team counts three team members, all with different backgrounds and different ways of thinking, which I see as a big strength. However, being a team member also means being well aligned with your teammates, figuring out how to share knowledge and observations between each other and last but not least how to settle on the needs you want to bring forward into the creative skills phase.

New Year – New Creative Phase

As we rang in 2021 from home, the Biomedical Design fellows also entered the creative phase – from home. I have always thought of myself as a naturally creative person. But, having been in academia…

Just watch and do nothing – from the days of fieldwork

I’ve been a nurse for seven years and I take a bit of pride in being good at placing IVs and a bit more pride in being helpful towards my colleagues. But here I am doing neither, because as a BioMedical Design fellow, my role is to observe things and not actually do things. And that makes a whole lot of sense.

“It is a new model we want to see expand to all of the Nordics”

In this article in NOME Magazine, BioMedical Design is features as one of the initiatives funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation that builds on thoughts of cross-pollinating. It strengthens start-up projects when including entrepreneurial mindsets, research, healthcare professionals and business experts. A vision very much in focus throughout the BioMedical Design Programme.

Communicate like a Child

The Creative Skills phase helped fellow Naja Villadsen integrate creativity in her professional life and opened up for communication with drawings and fast prototypes instead of words. Just like children do.