Improved booking system at the paediatric department at Aalborg University Hospital

A group of fellows from the year 2021-2022 observed how the day section at the paediatric department in Aalborg was struggling with the booking system and the execution of the daily programs. The staff in the day section was aware of the challenges themselves and they were motivated to make some changes.

In a three month project our open innovation officer Lone Stagsted Sillesen worked with a group of clinicians from the department to develop a new definition for the day section and a new booking system. On top of that they also simplified the execution of the daily programs.

The new solutions were tested, measured and improved for four weeks. The results showed that the staff had a better overview over their tasks and the daily program. The structure for booking patients was better and helped provide more effective programs. The work environment was calmer and less stressful. The staff was very positive and they now believe that the new solution can contribute to a better use of resources and better conditions for patients in the future.