The right nutrition for all patients

Bornholms Hospital made this video as a demonstration of how the process works when patients order their food

What patients eat and drink is very important for their health and wellbeing. It also has an impact on their recovery and the amount of days they need to stay in hospital. The BioMedical Design fellows year 2020-2021 did their observational study at Bornholm’s hospital and observed a need for better collaboration between the kitchen and the patient wards and more focus on nutrition especially for patients suffering from dysphagia.

Through a three month project, a group of clinicians worked together with the hospital kitchen and our open innovation officer Lone Stagsted Sillesen creating better solutions for patient’s nutrition. The solutions consisted of a clear overview of the food options, a common reduced vocabulary for staff, structured and visible menus for all patients and staff, an explainer-video for patients, and clear agreements about the collaboration between kitchen and ward. The solutions were tested for four weeks and adjusted according to the learnings from the project. The solutions are now implemented in other parts of the hospital as well.

This card helps staff localising which dishes should be served for patients according to their special needs.