You probably have a lot of questions about the BioMedical Design Fellowship. Hopefully you will find the answers to your questions below.  If not, please contact us, and we will answer your question as soon as possible.

The programme

Who teaches the BioMedical Design Fellowship?

The BioMedical Design Novo Nordisk Foundation Fellowship Programme is anchored at the Health Faculties of Aarhus University and University of Copenhagen and the  educator team is composed of two local Senior Teaching Fellows and two Senior Clinical Fellows as the main teachers and day-to-day mentors. See more under Staff page.

Further, external teachers from academia, consulting and industry will contribute with expertise, knowledge and mentoring in areas such as health economics, regulatory approval, patenting and commercial value assessment, user-centric design, deal negotiation, research design and health technology.

What is the difference to other accelerator programmes?

Precisely that! BioMedical Design is not an accelerator for start-up teams and preformed ideas. BioMedical Design is a competence development programme which fosters healthcare innovation leaders. The projects developed during the fellowship programme may, however, turn out to be a terrific launch-pad for new med tech start-ups.

I have an idea. Can I work on it during the fellowship?

Only in your private spare time. The goal of the fellowship programme is to learn the needs-driven BioMedical Design process from start to finish. Hence, you will identify and prioritise validated needs together with your fellow team members and develop a shared passion for working on resolution to a need that the whole team in common find important.

Pratical information

When does the fellowship start?

Each year in the beginning of September. 

Should I find a medical speciality for field studies?

No. Each year, new clinical hosts are selected by BioMedical Design as the focus for the fellowship. Furthermore, the clinical specialties are not revealed before the fellowship starts. We believe it is important to avoid that upcoming participants preform their knowledge and fundamental assumptions about the clinical domain, as this will make them less likely to question existing paradigms and uncover unmet needs.

Is it a payed fellowship?

Yes. You will receive an education stipend of 400, 000 DDK.

Are classes in the evenings or weekends?

No. Classes, “out-of-the-building” assignments and teamwork tasks take place during normal working hours and weekdays. This is because the fellowship program is highly hands-on and real-world, real-time projects where you need to tap into other peoples’ knowledge and expertise when they are at work. In the day to day work you and your fellow team members will work at the office spaces in Aarhus and Copenhagen provided by BioMedical Design.

Is the fellowship a full-time commitment?

Yes, and we expect you to be working full-time in ordinary daytime work although with some flexibility in periods of the year. You should expect a relatively intense year with a fair amount of travel activity.

Apply to the programme

How many fellowships are available?

16 all in all. Half of the fellows will receive training in our main office at University of Copenhagen and the other half in the main office at Aarhus University.

Do you welcome foreign applicants?

Yes – we welcome non-Danish speaking applicants. All teaching will be in English.

I don’t have a team, can I still apply?

We do not enrol preformed teams. Teams will be formed by programme management based on background profiles and observations made by the educator team.

When can I apply?

Recruiting runs from November until 15th of March which is the deadline.

When will I know if I have been selected?

Finalists will be invited for an online assessment day. Accepted candidates will be notified early April.


Who owns the IP for inventions made in the fellowship?

In most situations you and our fellow team members own the rights to inventions devised during the fellowship programme. Aarhus University and University of Copenhagen who run the programme do not have intellectual property rights to your inventions per se, but situations can arise where an invention is made with sufficient input and participation from external people (university-based, clinicians at hospitals, etc.) so that property rights should be shared respectively.

Am I expected to work at Novo Nordisk afterwards?

No. The company Novo Nordisk A/S has nothing whatsoever to do with the fellowship programme. The Novo Nordisk Foundation which funds BioMedical Design owns Novo Nordisk, but they are entirely separate entities. The Novo Nordisk Foundation do not have and do not claim any rights to the work performed by BioMedical Design Fellows. 

Will I get a degree and diploma afterwards?

You will earn a certificate stating that you have completed the programme and the qualifications you have achieved. The certificate is brand new and not yet a protected and accredited university degree like traditional Masters programmes but the level of teaching and learning is equivalent to a Master. As a BioMedical Design fellow you will be listed in our webpage with fellows who we proudly present as the most valuable output of the BioMedical Design training.