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The output of going through the BioMedical Design Programme is still unknown…

In September 2019 our first ever teams of fellows will onboard a 10 months journey with a steep learning curve.

But what do you learn when following the BioMedical Design NNF Fellowship Programme?

1)    You learn how to understand the basics of diseases and patient treatments and how hospitals work.

2)    You get to observe the daily work at a hospital ward and make a long list of needs – patient needs, staff needs, organizational needs…..

3)    You learn how to make a need statement – and to take your long list of needs from the hospital down to one need with a great potential for impact.

4)    You learn how to solve the need by making a prototype of a solution.

5)    You learn how to make a solid business plan for your invention.

And finally – you take all your learnings out in the real world as an entrepreneur, intrapreneur or use your skills in the company you work in.

What needs our fellows will find and which solutions will be invented – we don’t know yet – but they will have all the right tools and learnings to solve real problems and help both health professionals and patients with their inventions.

We can’t wait to take them on that learning journey!