Ampa Medical

Ampa Medical is a health-tech start-up, dedicated to radically improve the quality of life for people living with an ostomy.

For people with inflammatory bowel diseases or intestinal cancer, surgical removal of the large intestine, and sometimes part of the small intestine, can be the best way to control the inflammatory or malignant processes. This means adapting to life with an ileostomy – which is ending the intestine through an opening in the abdomen. Having an ileostomy means wearing a stoma bag 24/7. This is most often associated with physical and psychological complications in terms of leakage, skin damage, changed body image, smell- and noise nuisance and overall a lowered quality of life.

In Ampa, we have developed a solution to provide freedom from the stoma bag and thereby improve quality of life and avoid skin damage for the 1 million users of stoma bags worldwide.

“It sounds really promising. If I could get rid of the stoma bag, I could feel normal again – it would honestly change my life – I have had a stoma bag on non-stop for 10 years.”

Karina, 38 years

The team

Ampa is founded by Medical Doctor and PhD Cecilie Ammitzbøll and Nurse and Cand.IT Marie Parslov, based on a patient need identified in the clinic. Working several years in the healthcare sector, we have experienced a lot of clinical problems and with an embedded urge to come up with creative solutions for some of those problems, we both joined BioMedical Design, a Novo Nordisk foundation fellowship programme in healthcare innovation, and that is where the idea for our solution was born. To realize the idea, we both decided to quit our jobs and went full time into Ampa. In September 2021, we entered a 12-month accelerator program at the BioInnovation Institute in Copenhagen, and that is where we currently work from.

We are funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation, the Innovation Fund Denmark and Alexander Foss’ Industrifond.

Marie Parslov
Cecilie Ammitzbøll