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Hamster Medtech is the health-tech start-up developing the Droplet IV device – to improve patient treatment & empowering nurses by automating intravenous (IV) line flushing.

More than 80% of in-hospital patients receive IV therapy. Every dose of IV medicine delivered in a small volume (<250 mL) infusion bag should be followed by subsequent flushing to ensure that no residual medicine is left in the IV set and patients receive the full dose of medicine.

Through the clinical immersion, the team has observed that the need for flushing is often unrecognized or neglected due to more urgent tasks in patient care and even when flushing is performed it is most often delayed or performed suboptimally, e.g. by using non-closed IV systems with a higher risk of introducing microbial agents into the bloodstream. These practices bring patients at risk of increased treatment duration and stay in hospitals as well as catheter-related complications such as occlusion and phlebitis and the rare, but potentially fatal sepsis.

Droplet IV is developed to alleviate nurses from the burden of having to flush every IV set at the precise time of medicine termination to comply with guidelines and ensure patients the optimal treatment quality. It is an automatic flushing device that can be easily incorporated into the current procedures and practices at hospitals in Denmark and globally. The solution will optimize work conditions for nurses and accommodate the increasing shortage of nursing staff.

“It is not just one visit that is saved. The nurses often enter the room just to check on the medicine – to eliminate that step would have great value.”

Peter, head nurse

The team

Hamster MedTech ApS is founded by Engineer Rasmus Fält and three Medical Doctors Mette Dahl, Tore Victor Chrom Allerup, and Marcus Borum Mølskov Bech. The company and product, Droplet IV, is based on a clinical need observed at their clinical immersion at Bornholms Hospital.

The team has also individually been involved in health development and innovation work prior to their fellowship at Biomedical Design. Rasmus as an innovation consultant in the Capital Region of Denmark. Mette as a researcher and Chairman of Younger Hematologists. Tore as Chairman of FADL and consultant in various Medtech startups. Marcus as a project doctor in MSF and Managing Project Doctor at Mintosath.

To realize the vision of Hamster Medtech and Droplet IV Tore and Marcus have dedicated themself full-time to the project, while Mette and Rasmus also continue in the project part-time besides their work at Herlev Hospital and Rigshospitalet.

In the fall of 2022, after the team graduated from Biomedical Design, Hamster MedTech was chosen to participate in both Danish Tech Challenge and InnoFounder program with the Droplet IV product.

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Tore Victor Chrom Allerup
Rasmus Fält
Mette Dahl
Marcus Borum Mølskov Bech