Seakane’s vision is to enable accurate and fast assessment of the oral health of patients outside of dental clinics, at the point-of-care or through a vast number of healthcare touchpoints that allow for a more meaningful integration of oral health as part of overall health.

‘Plug & play’ oral health component

Our product is a HW/SW/AI platform for remote assessment of oral health that ensures high level of accessibility through an asynchronous flow. We seek to bring a ‘plug & play’ oral health component to healthcare, and specifically within chronic care management where good oral health status plays an important part in driving better health outcomes. 

The founding team consists of Chris Gibbs, Martin Knudsen and Roeen Roashan, who met as fellows on the BioMedical Design program in Denmark.

Chris has Master’s degrees in physics and biomedical engineering and has spent over twenty years working in medtech product development, including work in hardware development, system engineering and QA/RA.
Roeen has an MBA and has been working in various business analytical and innovation roles in life sciences for the past 9 years, and has startup experience in the dental sector. 
Martin has a Master’s degree in computer science and is currently a senior lecturer in software development with experience (including within startups) in mobile app development, algorithm development and machine learning.