SundBesked is a solution that allows healthcare professionals as well as healthcare users to share clinical images in an easy, safe, and compliant way.

The solution is built to support the clinical workflow and can be integrated into the existing medical record systems. We have a strong focus on maintain data security and at the same time making it easier and more convenient to share healthcare data. By doing this, the quality of care can be improved while saving time on documentation and other interaction with electronic systems. In addition, SundBesked creates a lot of new opportunities when it comes to telemedicine consultations.

The team has collected a wealth of clinical experience and deep knowledge about the different systems and IT infrastructure the Danish healthcare system is built upon. This provides an understanding of the existing processes and workflows, and ensures that our solution complements the professional work, while technically being able to integrate and implement our solution into existing record systems at the same time.

“Our main motivation is the desire to create a better healthcare system for users as well as employees.”

The team

The start-up company SundBesked is founded by two doctors and a medio-technical engineer based on experience from BioMedical Design Novo Nordisk Foundation Fellowship Programme.

Ingvill Ellertsen
Frederik Kirk
Stephan Bach-Frommer